Attorney Mark D. Colson has handled post conviction relief for many individuals previously convicted in the Connecticut Superior Courts. This includes filing pardon applications and motions for sentence modifications.

Pardons: The State of Connecticut Board of Pardons and Paroles has the authority to issue Absolute Pardons and Certificates of Employability.  An absolute pardon, also referred to as an expungement, results in a complete erasure of your adult criminal record in the State of Connecticut. A certificate of employability, also referred to as a Provisional Pardon or a Certificate of Rehabilitation, does not result in an erasure of your adult criminal record, however it acts as a state document certifying that your criminal history alone should not prevent you from getting a job or license.

Sentence Modifications: In Connecticut Superior Courts, the sentencing court or judge retains jurisdiction to entertain a motion for a sentence modification.  If granted, the judge may modify a defendant’s sentence by doing one or more of the following things: (1) reduce the sentence, (2) order the defendant discharged, or (3) order the defendant discharged on probation or conditional discharge for a period not to exceed that to which the defendant could have been originally sentenced.

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